Precision RF Signal Generator TSG17

Precision RF Signal Generator TSG17
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Product Description

New Precision RF Signal Generator is a RF signal generator which can generate high frequency from 100KHz - 150MHz.
With it's 3rd harmonic on range 'F', 450MHz can be reached. Because it has output terminal for AF and the modulating frequency can be adjusted from 150Hz to 1.5KHz, the RF signal generator can fulfill most requirement of hobbyist, service station, production and technical instruction.

Key Features..!!
Wide Frequency range:100KHz - 150MHz.
Low distortion AF oscillator installed supplying Amplitude Modulation(AM) with tunable range from 150Hz-1.5KHz.
AF output terminal works as audio generator as well.
E:32MHz-150MHz (up to 450MHz with 3th harmonics) F:10MHz-35MHz

Contents Description
Power Requirement: AC 110/220V 50/60Hz SWITCHABLE
Frequency accuracy on scale:5%
RF output: Min 100 mV rms (up to 35 MHz unloaded)
Output control:1mV to 100mV (measured from output terminal)
Modulation:Amplitude modulation (AM) 30% approx.
Audio output:Min 2V rms.
Audio frequency: 150Hz-1.5KHz
External audio input:50Hz-20KHz at less than 1V rms input
Weight:7 Lbs
Accessories:1pc of power cord, 1 pc of test clip and instruction manual.